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Diddy’s lessons on parenting

24 Jun

It’s not an easy job, or a comfortable one, but we’ve committed to doing it.  That is: shedding a spotlight on the messages, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs that are being perpetuated in black culture—in our media, in our families, in our communities, in our school systems, by our “celebrities”.

So, if you’re a Diddy fan, I warn you now, that I’m only doing what we’ve committed to do…don’t shoot the messenger.

Did you catch the ABC Nightline special on renowned rapper, hip-hop producer and media mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs?

If so, then you’re probably wondering as I am: Has Diddy lost his mind? Are his priorities that out of wack?

You can’t hate on the man’s success.  For what he’s achieved and for the obstacles he’s overcome, you’ve got to give the man props.  BUT, you can STILL hold him accountable for how he leverages his success, his platform, to reinforce the myth that engaged parenting is optional…secondary to the public accolades.

As you pause this month to honor Father’s Day and to esteem the critical role of engaged fathers, you can slap him on the wrist for perpetuating the lie that as long as you take care of your kids, lavish them with expensive things, that compensates for not being present.  That a $400,000 Maybach car as a gift to your son on his 16th birthday is an appropriate stand in for instilling the values of hard work, academic excellence and integrity.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones who believe there’s something sadly out of sorts about Diddy’s priorities and approaches to parenting.  Nightline’s Martin Bashir didn’t let Diddy off the hook in his questioning of Diddy’s views on fatherhood.  And, Diddy was noticeably annoyed…arrogantly offended.

Check out the link below and watch the Nightline profile on Diddy.  What say you?