Round of Applause for P-Nut!

17 Sep

At only seven years of age, he’s been applauded as a dynamic, “amazing” talent who, after only one week on the national scene, is garnering a sweeping national standing ovation (and, not to mention, more than a million YouTube hits)!

Who is he?? He’s “P-Nut”! And, at only seven, what’s this young African-American boy’s claim to national pop culture fame?  What else…he’s a rapper?

In more ways than I can begin to count, this story, this “phenomenon,” speaks volumes about not only the types of achievements African-American communities recognize, spotlight and applaud, but also the types of achievements the entire world has come to expect and champion in mass for African-American youth.

P-Nut may be too young to complete an Algebra equation or to, but he’s clearly not too young to “spit something fo ya’ll,” as he puts it.  Check him out:

This is yet another tired story that reinforces an image of African-American children as primarily recognized, applauded and expected to be rappers and ballers.  This is yet another example of the larger than life reality that, despite the probability statistics to the contrary, too many African-American children identify and esteem careers that require wicked athleticism and rhymes above those that require wicked intellect.  Sadly, P-Nut’s story ends with a sentiment or admonition that is expressed more as an afterthought–that his peers sty in school and listen to their teachers and parents.  There is no question that P-Nut has to be very intelligent to rap so well so young.  But, this story misses an opportunity to present him as an intelligent little boy who also loves to rap.

What could be sadder?  That, since his debut in the mainstream national news, P-Nut’s already launched a music video about a young shorty who’s “the one for him.”  And, yes, you called it: he is sporting a black wife beater and an over-sized gold chain in the video.  Let’s hope P-Nut’s educational pursuits aren’t lost in the hooplah of his newfound fame…let’s hope.


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